Thursday, August 16, 2012

Like, Andy, What the Hell, Man

Q: "Andy oh my god you haven't posted anything since, like, June! Where the hell have you been?"

A: ...I dunno, man. Just been chillin'. Attending technical college classes, playing in a band. You know. Life.

Q: "Oh but Andy you have a Blog on the Internet why haven't you updated it at all?!"

A: There hasn't been anything worth posting I guess. I thought about it, though! I wanted to write reviews of Binary Domain and Driver: San Francisco, but I never really found the time or motivation. Mostly the motivation.

Q: "BUT ANDY!! You owe your readers content! We keep coming back to an empty blog AND WE'RE GONNA LEAVE. WE'RE GONNA STOP READING YOUR BLOG."

A: Well, that's not really a question, but in all honesty, you already don't read my blog. My last post got fourteen hits. It's not like I have an audience to disappoint at this point. This blog is a personal thing; I want to display my writing and think critically like a real-life journalist, but I do not owe it to anyone but myself to maintain it with content. I'm really just keeping up my writing chops on a subject that I personally enjoy.

Q: "Well Andy, that sounds wholly reasonable! Thanks for clearing it all up!"

A: You're welcome, man-speaking-in-italics. Say, would you like to buy some music from my website where I sell music?

Q: "I sure do, Andy!"

The man in italics could have been you. My gosh. Doesn't that just blow your mind.