Friday, June 22, 2012

A Cry For Help

What is "games addiction"? ...I don't know. I don't really care, either. But if someone had an addiction to videogames, they'd not be me because holy crap the games I haven't finished or played.

I tactfully, without even thinking it could come back to haunt me, created this Backlogger page. Backlogger is basically a useful little automated list tool for people who don't finish their games, or want to keep track of the games they have finished - to look back on fondly with a sense of smug superiority. To coin a phrase, I have not many games finished, sirs. And by "not many" I mean... well, let's use maths explain it.

By my own count - which Backlogger has collated and graphed and all that junk, of the games I currently own - I have 23 games "completed" (100%'d), 40 games "beaten" (seen through to the end credits or equivalent), and... drumroll... stalling...

235 games unfinished.

There are two hundred and thirty fucking five games, that are in my possession, that I have not finished. Now, granted, I have gone on record as saying that games aren't movies. They aren't so much developed to be played from start to finish then shelved. "100%" isn't something I ever worry myself with, and if I feel I've gotten what I came for out of a game I won't even bother seeing it through to whatever the developers have deemed the "ending". I can justify a $50 purchase with 5 hours of gameplay. I can justify a $100 purchase with 3 hours of gameplay. It's never been a "thing" for me.

But when a number as large as 235 rears its head, I, as a gamer, have this odd compulsion to "beat" it.

So, you can join me on my vain quest to complete this infernal undying backlog of games, by visiting You can sign up for an account of your own, if you want - if you do, they might take my "let me mass delete a whole console's worth of games because I didn't realize Steam was a platforming and had to manually remove 200+ entries by hand" complaint seriously. But yeah, nifty tool, but by God did it make me realize something deeply depressing about myself. I need to actually see through to the end, more games.

...and if not finish, at least play enough of that I know I don't want to play any more. Like with Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. That game is cock.