Sunday, July 17, 2011

Andy's PSA Corner: GameStop, I Spit at Thee

So you probably don't know this, but I hate GameStop (that's EB Games, if you live in Australia, like me). Probably not as much as I should, but whenever I buy games from them, I try to sidestep all the bullshit to make sure they get as little out of the transaction as possible. That is to say, I abuse their sales. So I don't hate them that much, I guess, but since the only game store in my city is EB Games (and there are two of them in maybe a 3km radius), and the closest JB Hi-fi or Game is across the Tasman sea, I see them as a necessary evil.

However, some people are in the position to never have to be inside a GameStop ever again. Some people who can only pick up physical games locally from them might like to have an excuse to be in that position, too. So, like a good little elf, I am going to relay this video from one of the smartest, most underrated talents on the internet today, RazorFist, aka the Rageaholic. Who is he? He's a metalhead and overall bitchin' dude, who reviews games in a sort of Zero Punctuation meets Nostalgia Critic meets Harry S. Plinkett sort of way, while sprinkling dashes of "fuck authority" and personal insight. He's really quite angry, but he's also a fucking intelligent guy with a lot to say. On the whole GameStop issue? Well, listen up. This is some important shit:

So. Now you've watched the video (or are watching), and are probably think that this guy is really cool. If you do, go subscribe to him because he is one of the coolest motherfuckers on YouTube. He is smart, he's slick, he has a hell of a lot to say and he's opinionated as shit - and that's how these kind of reviewers come best. At the least, you know now why not to trust GameStop on anything. At most, I've just introduced you to your new favourite smart, loud internet gamer, without any of the pretentiousness of, say, Jim Sterling, and without the undeserved (if characteristic) hatred of Zero Punctuation. RazorFist has a damn fine series under his belt here, and he deserves more credit for doing what he's doing - telling the goddamn truth.

What? No, I'm not just saying this because he gave Duke Nukem Forever a glowingly positive review. Like I did. Why would you even suggest that. I like this guy because's he's fucking awesome and listens to metal like a boss, not because his opinions perfectly align with mine on most every subject that isn't "Zero Punctuation is really funny". I'm offended you would imply that. ...but no honestly this guy is brilliant.