Saturday, December 4, 2010

Andy Plays Music

So did you know that Andy Plays Games is not just the name of this blog - it's also the name of an album slightly sort of inspired by chiptunes and videogames, made by me, also?

If not, then I suggest you GO LISTEN TO IT AND STUFF because it's rather videogame-y. So far I've only produced four out of however many tracks, but to my own credit the stuff there is pretty nerdgasm worthy - a remix of a Pokemon theme tune, a remix of a Grand Theft Autotheme tune, then two things I wrote I guess. While you're there I guess you could check out the other albums, but what are you, queer? You can't advance the gaming master race by listening to non-videogame music, even if it is produced by the same artist. I suggest you go listen to Danny B's Super Meat Boy score instead, you filthy whatsit.

This filler is bought to you by Andrew Deavin, the King of Aggressive Expansion. Tune in next week when Andy Plays Games becomes a subsidiary of the Mana Bar... or something.

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