Sunday, August 15, 2010

You Can't Hide Forever, Fisher!

As I was working on contributions to the to-be awesome gaming webcomic Resume-Game, it came to my attention that I blog about games. A lot. ...well okay, this is a lie. I've known for ages that I blog about games a lot. And while not exactly ashamed... I want to get started on some cool arty stuff, and post about it on my general blog. So, instead of bog down those who want to read about general life stuff, I decided, "what the hell? I'll make an entirely separate blog, just for games." How can it fail? ...well, several ways actually. Probably why Kirby is looking so goddamn serious. *sigh*

Now, making a new blog isn't a small commitment, like marriage, or government. It's a big timesink. For one, I'll have to actually have to represent an opinion on all games I play. It may seem I do have an opinion on all games, but nay - my opinions are limited to games that deserve them. I play so many dumb, dumb games that I never give a further look in because they're... dumb.

So, second, I'll have to have genuine things to talk about. As tempting as it is, I really don't want just say "I played some Team Fortress 2 this week! I got a hat by idling!" (I actually did get a hat through idling.) At least weekly, I'm sure people will want this blog to be full of lots of juicy opinionated content they can rip into like the majority of the cogs in the internet hate machine do. Though luckily, the games industry is a big, scary place, so chewing nervously on one corner; spewing out how I dislike Reach yet adore Portal 2 should suffice doing genuine "news" articles on how Cliffy B gave himself a minor hemorrhage when he accidentally sat atop of his incredibly huge and bulging man-testicles. Though somehow that seems pretty interesting too, doesn't it.

Long story short - this is new blog where I play games. Hopefully it'll pick up soon, and in the meantime, Andy out.

For those who don't know, Andrew Deavin is a musician, semi-cartoonist and gamer, who spends half his time as a student, and the other half scouring the vast plains of the website for nutrients. You can follow him on Twitter, check out all his perverted fanart on DeviantArt, or check out his much neglected main website.

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